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BrandonE97 - Links

Links to Awesome Sites or just anything I find Useful

A-Z Lyrics <----- Big Lyrics Database
Chronix Aggression <----- Internet Radio Playing Hard Rock & Metal
CtrlAltDel-Online <----- Comics
Dark Lyrics <----- Hard Rock & Metal Lyrics
DreamHost <----- Hosting Dreams Since 1997
HTML5 Up <----- Spiffy HTML5 Website Templates
IMDb <----- Internet Movie Database
IPv6 test <----- Check Your IP Version 6 Connection
It's Foss <----- It's Free & Open Source Software
Kubuntu <----- Linux Distro Built On Ubuntu
Lineage OS <----- Lineage OS Android Distribution
Open GApps <----- The Open GApps Project
PHP Freaks <----- PHP Programming Info and Tutorials
Pixelarity <----- Spectacular Responsive Website Templates
PuTTY <----- SSH-Telnet Client
qBittorrent <----- BitTorrent Client, for those Linux Distro's ;)
Speedtest.net <----- Internet Connection Speed Testing
Star Trek <----- Star Trek Homepage
Steelers <----- The Official Site of the Pittsburgh Steelers
TWRP <----- Team Win Recovery Project
Universal USB Installer <----- OS Installation from USB Drive
XDA Developers <----- Android & Mobile News, How To's, Forums
ZD-Net <----- Internet & Technology News and Info
Zelda Dungeon <----- Great Resource for The Legend of Zelda Games
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Map <----- Interactive Map for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild