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Friday 14th of August 2015 | 1:20 am

The Darkness Where I Dwell

In the time since I last posted a blog I have not done much to the site, just not up to it. I've fallen so many times into my darkness just looking up to the light wondering if I'll ever get things right. In this existence of mine I fall, I fail, I get back up, then find another way to foul it up. I feel out of place. I feel out of control. My past doesn't want me to change and my future doesn't look bright. When I find a way to change my course and start a new beginning there comes everything back once more to disrupt, displace, and discourage me. I lose momentum and never get it back; the wind that once moved me as it filled my sails has silenced. I now wait in the middle of a dark ocean and I've no clue which way is forward. My compass doesn't point North.