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Friday 10th of April 2015 | 11:47 pm

Time Floats By When You're Having Pain

Most of my time these days I have the absolute Blessing of taking care of my amazing daughter Sky-Lynn! I love her so much and would not change the fact that she is in my life and she is who she is. I'm most proud of her. She is a sweet, caring, and intelligent little being and as I watch her grow I find that I learn over again what it's like to have true wonder about the world and everything in it.
On the bad side of things though my everyday is filled with pain. Pain in my back and legs. They tell me I'll have to go through surgery eventually, not sure I wanna go that route. It's not because of fear, my Lord is with me. It is however unappealing to go through surgery due to it was explained to me that it may not even help or it may only help so much. Along with that, after so many years I would have to have another and maybe another further on after that maybe another again. Every so many years possibly another surgery. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife beside me.