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Monday 2nd of November 2015 | 9:50 pm

A November to Remember

November 2010, the 14th day. I was in an extremely deep chasm of darkness and nothing was shaking it. My wife tried so hard to bring me up and out of it all. We went out for something to eat in the early hours of the night. I had myself a few drinks. I just felt so down and as it often is I had no reason to feel that way.

Soon into the evening Chastidy started having pains in her stomach, she was currently pregnant with our daughter Sky-Lynn. When we arrived home her mother insisted over the phone that we make our way to the hospital cause Chas was in labor! We headed that way but my vehicle, a 2000 model Ford Explorer, was low on gas. We made it to the gas station and I filled up the tank. When we arrived at the emergency room they indeed stated that Sky was on her way into the world! We became so excited. I called everyone.

With the hours passing by it was at 3:33 am that our precious gift from God was born and changed our lives for ever. I cut the umbilical cord myself. I remember I kept going back and forth between mother and child to check on both. My wife did wonderful during the delivery and Sky-Lynn was born healthy, praise God.

It's still been an amazing, awesome, astounding, and all together wonderful journey these past five years. We have been and are so very Blessed!