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Wednesday 28th of October 2015 | 6:04 pm

October Blues

This month has me singing the October blues! My niece Jaiden has her birthday on the 10th, Chastidy's sister Angel has her birthday the day before mine on the 22nd, and I grow older every October 23rd. Birthdays come, as expected, every year at their appropriate time and people are happy and they celebrate. I on the other hand find myself as depressed as I usually am even on my own birthday. I had a wonderful time at the party my wife put together for me to celebrate my 30 years of life. I then find myself back to my usual self in the days that follow. I'll hold on to the happiness of my family coming together for me and helping me celebrate my birthday and I'll feel somewhat happier when I think to the love shown my way. My wife and child, and the few others who truly love me always help me feel better. That, and I know Jesus loves me!