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Friday 12th of February 2016 | 9:23 pm

My Blue World

Last blog I put it all out in the open. I've had this terrible set of addictions I have continued to fight for a long time now. It's sad to say that it has indeed been in my life for almost all of my adulthood. I look forward to the day when I know I'm free, the day I can face down the very things that have hold on me and claim victory. If I could just talk to my 20 year old self and say don't start down this road of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and continued bad habits. I can't though, I cannot reach out and tell that young man that was myself to say "You do NOT want to do this! You'll end up in a war within yourself that may never be won in our lifetime."
I am so blessed to have the love and support of those around me. From my most wonderful wife, Chastidy, and our darling daughter who has my heart. I have great people doing all they can to see me through these times. Brad, Donna, and those at Healing Waters are truly in my life because God listened to my prayer that I need help.
On another side of things my brother and I have been talking more. Where we had drifted so very far apart we are now changing that. A big thanks and much gratitude to my wife for that one too. She always prodded me to keep in touch with Travis and go see him more. Now instead of many months without a word to each other we are talking, texting, and seeing one another. It's been great, I really did miss my brother being in my life. We would not get along very well before but we've both seem to have grown up somewhat since. Travis is, after all, the first best friend I ever had. I love ya brother.