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Thursday 28th of January 2016 | 11:38 pm

Addiction: A Sad Life

I have fought with myself for too long fighting in my own mind against more than one addiction. Years ago I stopped smoking marijuana after using it for over seven years. Cigarettes I smoked for two year, quit for two year, smoked another three, and now I've been happily free from cigarettes for almost four years. I drank very heavy after moving out from my parents. For the next several years I'd drink often, then just once every month or so. When I drink alcohol it's all out for me. No nasty beer. It was liquor, vodka, wine, gin; mostly very strong drink and I'd get very drunk indeed. I've wrestled with food addiction. And I hate to say it but I've abused pills before as well.
It started with occasional cigarettes in high school. Then followed with drinking moonshine a friend would bring to school everyday. Then came a surgery my senior year and I was prescribed pain pills. I very much enjoyed the feeling of those and started taking multiple at a time. The weed came in college and I stayed away from pills when I smoked that.
It has all been a futile attempt at a good feeling. I'm addicted to anything that gets me stoned, drunk, or some kind of altered. It's taken having Jesus Christ in my life to finally get my life back.