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Thursday 7th of April 2016 | 11:43 pm

To My Pain, With Love

Dear Pain,
Be you in my back, hip, leg, or even down in my feet type pain I'm breaking up with you. Soon I'll have my next, and third so far, injection into my spine and I will then feel much less of you. You have not only hurt me terribly so but also my family. From my wife who would love to go more places and out more often to my sweet little girl I cannot always pick up off the floor or ground when she wants or needs me to. You have caused too much trouble already and I am looking forward to living without you; as much as possible anyway.
In all seriousness I am looking forward to later this month to when I receive my next injection and having as much relief as I can get. I'll continue getting the spinal shots every four months for now for as long as they'll work on me reducing my pain.