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Sunday 20th of March 2016 | 11:13 pm

Keep Holding On

Not always easy to even just want to continue on living when certain things come down on me so hard and I can not overcome them. I often find myself living only for my loved ones and they are enough for me to want to keep living but I know there is so much more happiness when someone is living happy with their own life. Then there is the immense happiness, the kind that NOTHING in this existence can ever compare to, when living for Jesus Christ! I'm still having my struggles and find myself happy living for my Lord but to be out of this continuing depressive state I must find a way fire me to be happy with me. I have to forgive myself, I need to let certain things go, and I must stop thinking of my entire being as a waste in every way.
I describe myself in terrible ways and feel as though I'm truly more worthless than garbage. God loves me enough to have given me existence; I have thought, form, substance, feelings, and ability. I'm an intelligent creation of His and He has reason for me being who, what, and where I am I the world. I'm thankful for that, I just wish I could be happy with it.