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Thursday 23rd of June 2016 | 11:07 pm


Lot of rain today, have been having a lot of rain all week and with some places flooding.
Lot of pain today, have been subjected to high amounts of almost constant pain this week. I'm enduring pain with the rain.
Last week was fun. My daddy once again took me, and this year Chastidy too, to the NHRA race at Bristol Motor Speedway's Thunder Valley! So much fun and Chas said she loved it as well. She and I waited around long enough to see 16 time champion John Force come out of his trailer, get in his car, and fire it up. My niece Jaiden had us laughing. She taught John Force's daughter Brittany Force how to dab. Haha! Love my niece.
I enjoy rainy days more than the hot, sunny, dry days. Have a good reason, the rain washes the allergens out of the air so my allergies are then subdued somewhat.