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Monday 30th of May 2016 | 8:30 pm

Vacation In The Sunshine State

We made it in our lifetime to the sunny state of Florida! Wrecked our rental car on our way down before even getting to the vacation home we rented for the next week. Chastidy was driving and Sky, Cody, and myself were in the car with as well. Constantly thanking Jesus for keeping us safe. We're fine and the people from the car in front of us that we crashed into are fine as well. We're truly blessed! After that the rest of the time was okay. My mother-in-law Karen wanted this vacation for all of us, her family. There was Karen, Charlotte, Cody, Matthew, Parker, Chastidy, Sky-Lynn, and myself. The trip home was, I am happy to say, was uneventful. I had previously seen the Atlantic Ocean so on this trip we not only went to the beach on the east side of the state but also went to the Gulf of Mexico.